Warriors Get it Done, Outlast Trojans

October 1, 2010

Quarterback A.J. Pignone led an impressive fourth quarter comeback to lead the Warriors over their rival Trojans.
Quarterback A.J. Pignone led an impressive fourth quarter comeback to lead the Warriors over their rival Trojans.

GAITHERSBURG, MD – It was not pretty, but the Sherwood Warriors got it done Friday night, October 1 at John Harvill Stadium at Gaithersburg High School. The Warriors were beat up and battered the vast majority of the game, yet still came away with a three point victory, as they beat the Trojans, 17-14.

The Trojans dominated the first half, going to the locker rooms with a 14-9 lead. They struck first blood late in the second quarter after senior defensive end Billy Brown intercepted A.J. Pignone’s swing pass intend for senior runningback Dylan Hubbard. The Trojans took over at the Warrior 33-yard-line and it did not take them long to cash in. Four plays later senior quarterback Zach Fetters fired a laser-beam to the back of the endzone from one-yard-out for the touchdown.

However the Gaithersburg lead would be short-lived. On the ensuing kickoff, the Trojans made the ill-advised decision of kicking the ball deep to senior receiver Michael Begley who ran up the middle, cut to the right and sprinted down the sideline for a 95-yard touchdown on the return that would end the first quarter.

“The whole season we’ve have been doing return left and return right and it hasn’t been working for me” said Begley. “And this last week in practice we decided to change things up and go straight down the middle. I think this is much better because you just have to run straight up the middle of the field behind all your blockers and you’re good to go if everyone blocks for you.”

After forcing the Trojans four-and-out to open the second quarter, a bad snap on a Gaithersburg punt led to a safety giving Sherwood the 9-7 lead. There was no quit in the Trojans tonight however. To end the half they conducted a 79-yard drive that gave them the lead and a very accomplished feeling going into the locker room. They held the Sherwood offense to 110-yards of total offense, 95 of those yards coming from Begley’s return, meaning from scrimmage the Warriors gained only 15 yards on 17 plays.

The third quarter showed no signs of improvement for Sherwood and the general flow of the game continued. Gaithersburg got long, sustained drives, then stalled after passing the 50-yard line and punted the ball away. The Warriors would go for maybe two sets of downs then give the ball right back up.

But time soon began running out on Sherwood, who will presumably keep their No. 1 ranking in the GamedayMD public school Power Poll. After numerous drives that looked promising found ways to go awry, the Warriors had one last chance to make something happen starting at their 12-yard-line with less than six minutes remaining. Methodically, Sherwood engineered an 88-yard drive that included key completions to senior Alex Cole for 21-yards, Begley for 22-yards and senior runningback Dylan Hubbard for a 31-yard touchdown.

Hubbard who suffered from an asthma attack during the play was running on pure adrenaline as he caught a screen pass on the right hash from Pignone, turned up-field, broke a tackle as he bounced to the outside and broke four more tackles on his way to pay-dirt; a dash that was capped off by a dramatic dive for the endzone.
“I broke a few tackles and it was just a race to the pile-on,” said Hubbard. “I got there first.”

The Trojans will host the Paint Branch Panthers next week in what should prove to be another interesting game for Zach Fetters and company while the Warriors return home to Sandy Spring to host the Blair Blazers for their homecoming game.

Come see the Warriors join GamedayMD’s very own Adam Chasen and Jacob Bogage on Tuesday, October 5 at Urban BBQ for this week’s installation of Gameday All-Access. Get all the insider information a hardcore fan could ever want while getting a chance to see and meet the players that go to work on Friday nights for the Warriors.


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