Can You Hear His Battle Cry?

December 16, 2011

Andrew Wasik stands a full 5’10 and weighs only 135 pounds. With his gangly stature the Sherwood junior has never (and will never) play a varsity sport, yet for the next two years Wasik may very well be the face, and voice, of Warrior athletics.

Andrew Wasik gets a piggy-back ride from Colin McMahon and surrounding students rejoice after a Sherwood win.
Andrew Wasik gets a piggy-back ride from Colin McMahon and surrounding students rejoice after a Sherwood win.

Donning his American-flag morph-suit (a skin-tight, full body suit famously worn by the likes of Spiderman and the Green Lantern), Wasik leads a Sherwood student section that has swelled over the past four years and made the Sandy Spring school one of the toughest and most entertaining places to play in Montgomery County.

“I consider it a second skin, honestly,” he said of the suit. “I wear it to every sporting event I can. It almost makes me a leader and it’s a great feeling. Leading ‘I believe’ and having 100 of my friends behind me is an awesome feeling and I have the suit to thank for that.”

The Warrior faithful have stepped their spirit up a notch this year adding classic cheers “I believe that we will win,” a call and response cheer from the Big 10 conference, and “winning team, losing team,” developed from the student section of Utah State University.

“I just love the idea of getting into another player’s head,” Wasik said. “I love contributing even though I’m not on the team.”

The near-scrawny Wasik became a big man on campus last year when he unveiled his morph suit during the girls’ volleyball 4A State Playoffs as the Lady Warriors strolled to their first of two consecutive State Championships and a 19-0 record. Since then, the suit has made appearances at football games, volleyball games and basketball games. Seniors Colin McMahon and Dalton Thomas have also purchased suits of their own (identical American-flag suits, to boot) and have been spotted by NBC’s cameras at Washington Capitals games.

The legend of the morph suit will continue to grow as the Warriors contend for a possible first round bye in the boys’ basketball 4A State Playoffs.

“We are blessed with amazing fans,” senior guard Scott Bolen said. “Wasik and Colin get big shout-outs for making that happen … Now no [opposing] fan can say anything they won’t counter. It’s fun to play in that atmosphere.”


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