Councilmember Craig Rice Recognizes My Work with a Proclamaiton

July 20, 2012

County Councilmember Craig Rice (D–District 2) was kind enough to recognize my achievements at Michael S. Powell High School Journalist of the Year and presented me a Proclamation of behalf of the Montgomery County Council on July 17. It was a thrill to be recognized by my local government representative and I’m so thankful to everyone who made my achievements possible–most notably my staff and mentors back at The Warrior. I can’t wait to get started on a bit of bigger stage at the University of Missouri.

Here are some photos snapped during the presentation of the Proclamation.

Additional thanks goes to several Councilmembers who have been featured in my stories over the years. Nancy Floreen visited the Montgomery County Regional SGA Assembly held at Sherwood High School two years ago when landmark legislation sponsored by Sherwood’s delegation was passed by the Assembly. (That is a story that didn’t make it on to the Blog. I still need to find the electronic copy).

Councilmembers Rice, Valerie Ervin (D–District 5) and Phil Andrews (D–District 3) and County Executive Isaiah Leggett (D) were all featured in my story “County in Controversy Over Proposed Curfew.” I thank them all for putting their trust in me as a reporter.

Additionally, Delegate Anne Kaiser (D–District 14), Delegate Craig Zucker (D–District 14) and State Senator Karen Montgomery (D–District 14) all sent me Proclamations as well. For their appreciation of my hard work, I could not be more thankful. I cannot wait to go make Montgomery County proud as I continue in the world of journalism.

Every time I try to thank people, I surely leave someone out and I can think of only one occasion where I truly included everyone–my acceptance speech when I was named High School Journalist of the Year. My remarks are below. Thanks go to my brother Aaron for filming.


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