J2150 bloggin: trying something new

Hello my dear, dear reader! We’re trying something new here at the BogageBlog for one of our classes this semester.

J2150 is about the fundamentals of multimedia journalism, so once a week we’ll be blogging about our week in journalism, our successes and pitfalls and everything in between, with some multimedia attachments included.

We have two clips to share this week from The Maneater, MU’s student newspaper. Our first is a routine basketball feature (“With Bowers almost back, Tigers nearing full strength”) about the Missouri basketball team’s injury situation. I’m one of two writers on the basketball beat for The Maneater and I’ve really been enjoying that role this season.

But enough about the season as a whole—I was very pleased with this story. When I write features that center around a pretty narrow topic (like Laurence Bowers returning from injury) we have to jump around a little bit to other storylines. For features like these, I try to copy my style from “Without Dixon, Missouri looks to develop chemistry in exhibition play”—a quick attention grab for an opening, hit the main story then progress through the rest of anything in my notebook that’s relevant. Normally that works for me, and I think it was pretty successful with that approach this week. Tell me if I’m right or wrong: comment on the story with your thoughts! Pretty please?!? I love feedback!

Our second story (“Deaton announces $8.3 million athletics donation from Walsworth family”) was a lot of fun to cover. I had to sprint across the quad at 11 a.m. to get to the Reynolds Alumni Center for a press conference about … I didn’t know what. There was a brief release my editor sent me, but it didn’t say much. So it was very much to my surprise when men’s basketball coach Frank Haith greeted me at the door and introduced me to athletic director Mike Alden. Then, of course, Chancellor Brady Deaton is standing in the front of the room and Gary Pinkel, the football God of the Showme State, sits down in front of me.

Lo and behold, Don Walsworth donated $8.3 million to the athletics department for new golf facilities and renovations to Memorial Stadium. I was very happy with this story. I didn’t get the news out first, but I felt like of all the media there, I had one of the most comprehensive reports and did a good job detailing where all of the money was going.

I’m fairly happy with the work I did this week and a big thank you goes to Hunter Woodall, my basketball co-writer, for picking up the slack for me while I’m back home with my family for the rest of this week.

I suppose I should at some point I should talk about what I expect from J2150. I genuinely am excited for this class. It reminds me a little of my high school journalism class where I’m learning new techniques and software. It just seems like a ton of work. In labs we watched several mini-documentaries and I want to shout out to a couple of neat media-geared YouTube clips they reminded me of.

1)    New Left Media (guess my political leanings). Keep rockin’ Chase Whiteside.

2)    Newswipe. Life is nothing without a sense of humor.

Some housekeeping:

When I blog for this class (it will be listed under a new category “J2150” and will not be tagged), don’t expect my best writing. This is a blog for reflection and reflection is a messy business. I’ll be jotting down thoughts and linking to other things (ie: clips, stories, twitter accounts), but the writing will be average at best. I’m not a great first-person writer. That’s why I don’t write many columns—my perspective isn’t all that great. This blog should be a nice easy read and help you, my loyal reader, get inside my mind and mental processes as a journalist. I hope you enjoy.

Last bit of housekeeping: I have a new twitter account. Especially for this class I’ll be tweeting from the account @Bogage2150. My normal @jacobbogage account is certainly still up and active and the account I share with my brother, Aaron, (@BogageBros) is still up, but we never use it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to some great new stories coming up this week.


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