MISSOURIAN MINUTE: Tolton chaplain brings energy to high school sports


COLUMBIA — What’s in a name? Student-athletes at Fr. Tolton Regional Catholic High School leave that question to Fr. Mike Coleman.

Coleman, the school’s chaplain and associate pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, works as the public address announcer at Tolton sporting events.

He’s locally famous for the impromptu nicknames he gives players for both the Trailblazers and their opponents.

“Raging” River Remus was his favorite from a few seasons ago for a Tolton track star. On May 5, “The Man” Maverick Jones of Missouri Military Academy was another fan favorite.

“It’s pretty spontaneous,” Coleman said. “Kids remember that. It makes them feel special to get a nickname.”

It also makes Tolton a fun place to play games.

Even the Trailblazers can’t be sure what nickname Coleman will bestow.

During one basketball game this past winter, Tolton forward Josh Boyer drew three monikers from Coleman in the same game.

Coleman has announced high school sporting events for nearly two decades dating back to when he took the mic for Moberly High School basketball games.

“I always try to affirm people,” Coleman said, “and make them feel good about what they’re doing.”

Supervising editor is Mark Selig.



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