Toddlers to Tigers: Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett managed it all

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COLUMBIA — Andrew Baggett didn’t want help with his homework as a kid. He didn’t want help with Cub Scout projects or soccer, either.

“He was very headstrong and dedicated,” his mother, Kim Baggett said. “He could do it himself.”

Even from an early age, Andrew Baggett, Missouri’s senior placekicker, was independent and steadfastly loyal, his mother said.

He started Cub Scouts as just another after-school activity but hung on until he became an Eagle Scout at age 16.

Playing soccer started the same way. By his teen years, he darted toward football because it was another challenge he could take on.

“He wasn’t intense, but he was very focused, and somehow he juggled it all and got it all done,” his mother said. That’s Scouts once a week, soccer or football practice twice a week, games on the weekends and a campout every month or so. Somehow the calendar worked out.

“When he set his mind to something,” she said, “he did it.”

She misses the days when a whole troop of Cub Scouts or soccer players piled into her car on the way to meetings or practices or games. She could just listen, she said, and learn about her son and his friends.
Nearly a dozen of them started Cub Scouts together and attained their Eagle rank about the same time.

“You learn a lot when you put a whole bunch of Boy Scouts together,” she said.

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